Confidentiality of Information

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Confidentiality of information  - the need to protect information from unauthorized users from reading its contents. Etymologically point of view, the word "confidential" comes from the Latin confidentia - trust. In the modern Russian language it means "confidence, not to be public, private." The word "secret", borrowed from the French secret means - "secret." The dictionary also called Dal similar meanings ​​: "confidential" - " outright by special power of attorney, sincere", "mystery" - "who does not know, then it secret, all hidden, unknown, unknown." Based on the definitions of confidential information, secret, secret are equivalent. With the development of information technology and the issue of confidentiality of sensitive information becomes more important. And in different areas and different countries privacy and confidential information relating to the defined differently.
 Thus, the convention "On cybercrime information" aimed at deterrence, including actions directed against the confidentiality of computer data and computer networking systems. According to this convention to combat crimes against the confidentiality and integrity of the availability of computer data and systems, each party shall adopt such legislative and other measures as may be necessary to establish as criminal offenses under its domestic law: 
1. Illegal access. 
2. Illegal interception. 
3. Impact on data. 
4. Impact on the functioning of the system. 
5. Misuse of devices.