Part I. Foundations of Cryptography (Cryptographic Primitives)

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  1. Brief overview of cryptography
  2. Mathematical background of symmetric-key cryptography
  3. Verifiable Random Functions
  4. Succinct Randomized Encodings
  5. Classical cryptography: experience and lessons
  6. Perfectly-secret ciphers and Shannon's theory
  7. Cryptographic generators. Stream ciphers and their cryptanalysis
  8. Generalized Feistel networks
  9. Lightweight ciphers
  10. Lightweight block ciphers
  11. Lightweight stream ciphers
  12. Block ciphers and their cryptanalysis
  13. Symmetric encryption schemes
  14. Symmetric message authentication schemes based on block ciphers
  15. Cryptographic hash functions
  16. Symmetric message authentication schemes based on cryptographic hash functions
  17. Symmetric authenticated encryption schemes
  18. Symmetric encryption schemes with special features or additional functionality
  19. Symmetric key management
  20. Mathematical background of asymmetric-key cryptography
  21. More mathematical background for asymmetric cryptography
  22. Multilinear map
  23. Multilinear maps
  24. Cryptosystems based on braid groups
  25. Fully homomorphic encryption schemes
  26. Somewhat homomorphic encryption schemes
  27. Partially homomorphic encryption schemes
  28. Algorithms used in asymmetric cryptosystems
  29. Public key exchange
  30. Asymmetric encryption schemes
  31. Digital signature schemes
  32. Identity-based digital signatures
  33. Identity-based encryption schemes
  34. Blind signature and its applications
  35. Broadcast encryption
  36. Functional encryption
  37. Attribute-based encryption
  38. Pairing-based asymmetric cryptosystems
  39. Digital signatures with special features or additional functionality
  40. Asymmetric key management
  41. KEM/DEM technique for hybrid encryption
  42. Physically unclonable functions (PUF)
  43. Standardization of cryptographic methods
  44. Overview of cryptographic primitives: Roadmap for cryptographers