Best Kucoin Bots – Best Crypto Trading Bots For Kucoin Exchange

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2017. It is headquartered in Singapore and offers a wide range of trading pairs for various cryptocurrencies. Kucoin differentiates itself from other exchanges by offering a platform that is easy to use and has a strong focus on security. In addition to its standard trading platform, Kucoin also offers margin trading and other advanced features for more experienced traders. The exchange has quickly gained popularity due to its low fees and strong track record of security.

Kucoin bots were formulated as software to ensure automated, smooth, and simplified trading operations. Kucoin trading bots mechanically implement trade requests based on the inputted trading plans of the trader without exerting manual inputs. These trading robots put traders at a very high advantage.

Kucoin Trading Bots

There are many different bots that are compatible with Kucoin, as the exchange offers a public API that allows developers to create their own trading bots. Some popular bots that work with Kucoin include:

  • 3Commas
  • Cryptohopper
  • Coinrule
  • Bitsgap
  • Shrimpy

These bots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as automating trades based on predetermined rules, executing trades based on signals from other traders or market conditions, and rebalancing portfolios to ensure optimal performance. Some bots are more advanced than others and offer a wide range of features, so it’s important to research and compare different options before deciding on a bot to use.


Pionex is a trading exchange with built-in bot abilities that permits usage without the dangers of API keys. Pionex covers over sixteen trading bots which include; Grid Trading Bot, Infinity Grid Bot, Margin Grid Bot, Reverse Grid Bot, Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot, Trailing Take Profit Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, and so on.

Pionex is a trading bot with an already inbuilt trading which has been in operation since 2017. Pionex totals the liquidity from Binance exchange and delivers free trading on it. Pionex also allows Arbitrage which permits traders to trade different assets at the same time in different markets to make more profits from the cost disparity.

This feature on Pionex is distinct because it allows Arbitrage among Spots and Futures Market. Consequently, space is permitted to be open, which will help users/traders make money from the disparity in prices in the different markets. To sign up on Pionex, an account must be created through the app or the website.

To create an account, select sign-up and input your email and password in the space provided. When a code is sent to the email, type it in to verify your email. Once this is done, the user can log in with a registered email and password, deposit funds from the funds’ area, and proceed to other necessary tasks. Pionex users can automatically check and make trades without monitoring the market. The bot assists in buying low and selling high and gives 5 times leverage, low risks, and practical profit, all of which can be enjoyed in a single trade.

Pionex hosts over 100,000 users with a 5 billion dollars trading volume every month and 12 automated trading tools. Funds are safely secured in Pionex with a hundred percent reserve which permits quick reserves as soon as it is needed. Pionex trading bot has a good interface with lots of sells and buy-out orders that automatically trade to make a profit provided the current price is in the net range.

 Pionex also offers the lowest trading amounts with free bots and exchange fees of about 0.05 percent for selling and buying. Pionex also provides effective and stable liquidity and is regulated in the United States and Singapore.

2.      BITSGAP

Bitsgap trading bot has a very distinct automated training bot that employs a scheme known as Grid which is very easy and productive. This helps supply investments equally within the spectrum of trading already formulated by the trader.

Bitsgap has a very simple log-in procedure that can be completed in minutes. Bitsgap also provides a new sell order to be put by the bot exactly above a new price when the purchase limit has been inputted. 

Similarly, a new purchase limit is written below and inputted sell order. This process is the Grid strategy.

Bitsgap also ensures continuous trade as long as the price does not shift from the perimeter of the trading span. Bitsgap features a Bitsgap features Trading Bot, which unlocks and locks hundreds of little trading stances every day. This uses smaller profits to manage risks with a trading experience that is specially formulated to ensure profits from purchasing low and reselling high at every point the price changes.

Bitsgap Trading Bots have automated risk management characteristics like Take Profit, Trailing up, etc. Bitsgap allows for the analysis of more than 1000 crypto pairs. Other features offered are; Cloud-Based Solutions which saves you from downloading anything, clear and logical trading, test mode, which is safe and free, finance regulators and warning, proven procedures, and a 14days free trial.

It also permits traders to bring all exchange accounts under one umbrella, which results in trading from a joint unit. Bitsgap also manages accounts and follows-up funds with Smart Trade, Swap Strategy, Sniper & Shadow Modes. It has over 25 major exchanges and permits traders to create future trading bots.

Bitsgap is safe because customers securely use API keys. Deposits are never put into the app directly, and traders’ funds cannot be accessed. Bitsgap organizes and executes trades with affordable subscription plans, easy configuration, and all characteristics in one place.


Cryptohopper is a Trading Bot that offers only paid trading services. The fee is a flat rate that is paid monthly. The benefit of this is that it covers more than one trading venture, and before payment is activated, there is a free seven-day trial.

Cryptohopper features a marketing box that is intensely pointed at profit and a telegram bot that helps to set trading indications and clues. Cryptohopper offers a Market Space with approved top-notch third-party assistance, including procedures for trading, applicators, formats, and clues.

Cryptohopper is completely automated but can also be set to run in semi-automated structures. The strategies of Cryptohopper are known as hoppers, where the trader decides and inputs how and when a trade is sold, or both, and the hopper automatically executes. It also provides free Mirror Trading, allowing traders to purchase formats, strategies, or indicators for immediate trading.

Cryptohopper also offers trailing features that permit users to observe the trend and direction of price. This gives traders the leverage to immediately buy or sell when the price goes up or down. Cryptohopper also has a social trading platform that gives access to trading signals, discussion of trading strategies, purchase of strategies, and hot templates, all from the marketplace. With Cryprohopper, a trader does not need to be a professional to trade.

Cryptohopper boasts of a pre-configured trading bot with a blend of different technical cues specially chosen by a strategist. This strategist analyzes and signifies the trader’s bot and tells it which coins to purchase, when, and how. Cryptohopper builds trust with its traders by engaging and working intimately with them on exchanges and regulators.

Cryptohopper has security that protects every account with industry projecting security protocols with close niche privacy on all information offered by traders. With Cryptohopper, your exchange is where your funds are based. It allows traders to manage all their exchange accounts and, at the same time, trade from one place.

Cryptohopper offers features like automatic trading, social trading, trailing orders, AI trading, strategy designer, backtesting which helps you see how you would have performed, and pro tools that gives control over market unproductivity or liquidity.

4.      COINRULE

Coinrule is a trading bot that is mainly for beginners. It permits inexperienced traders to build their trading plans in the required time. It has an easy-to-access interface that teaches step-by-step usage of the bot. Coinrule features a library covering over 150 already set regulations that assist new users in operating a buying and selling operation suitable to their desires.

Coinrule also permits traders to run a demo system in a secure space with online distribution of coins. Asides from the set rules, users are also permitted to create personalized rules, as weighed in the market with automatically implemented trading methods.

It also runs a limit order which permits traders the lowest and highest amount of selling and purchasing. In Coinrule, conditions and triggers must be installed to implement trades. Mails are sent daily with strategies and an assurance of a military secure security back-up and encryption.

This allows users to formulate various strategies within one rule. In Coinrule, moves are validated before they are executed, which helps traders’ know-how market circumstances change.

5.      3COMMAS

This trading bot is for professional traders who have become pro users. It offers two subscription cadres which are the basic and Pro, respectively. Basic costs 25dollars while Pro costs 84dollars with many options. These payments are to be made monthly at a flat rate.

3Commas offers more than one Bitcoin sale and purchase centred on technical strategies for profit. In using 3Commas, online courses can be accessed, and this platform also offers 3rd party indicators and services. Users can set this trading bot to run for the whole day or particular hours, depending on what is suitable. It also permits personalized trading spaces with engaging speed and safety.

3Commas helps subscribers build and improve their funds by utilizing characteristically robust and productive ways. This is accomplished using verified automated bots that run on eighteen primary exchanges. The trading bots in 3Commas have proven to be extremely good at diminishing average acquisition costs. This process results in a prompt acceleration of profit perimeters from each trade.

These processes are accomplished using three processes; the Bear market in 3commas uses DCA short bots to lend and sell tokens at the recent price with the opportunity to re-purchase at a lower price, Bull Market which engages DCA long bots to purchase the natural clips and sell spikes as the cost increases after a long or short time. This helps to produce an advantageous entry price for trader’s positions. The Sideways market uses Grid bots to purchase cheaper tokens when they attain support stages and sell them when they are on their way to becoming resistance levels.

3Commas allows users to duplicate trading methods from more experienced traders, granting access to intensive teaching and internalizing methods. With 3Commas, traders can engage the Trade Initiation signals, which removes doubt from trade techniques by using the deal start indicators of professional traders.

3Commas also ensures that funds are safe, which can only happen because they did not retain traders’ credentials. In 3Commas, the trading strategy is implemented at a range where the market is always alive and running. The analytics on 3Commas reveals on the dashboard the true accomplishments of trades just as they are so that traders can know how and when to optimize and let them run.

6.      NAPBOTS

Napbots permits access to experience trading procedures and styles, allowing non-experienced users to use the platform freely. Traders can run sales daily, hourly, or weekly with various and specific strategies unique to the platform. Users can run personalized trades where they can choose to use different strategies or one.

The strategies are tried and run based on historical market information, which easily merges with top exchanges. Funds are safe and never leave the wallet, and prices for services are based on the number of funds traded. Napbot is uniquely designed to be easy and provides unlimited automated trading options, with its slogan being “connect, select, and trade.”

It runs with Kucoin and other exchanges with a personalized API key and an opportunity to choose from the library. A budget allotment is set before an offer is settled on.

7.      SHRIMPY

Shrimpy is for particular trading expectations, which is especially fixated on automated methods and procedures, portfolio follow-up, and a relationship that lasts for a long time. Other professional traders are emulated in their strategies, with traders’ portfolios organized in a unique style.

Shrimpy offers methods that have been tried and tested with encrypted AIPs. Historical and immediate market info is collected and collated at the same time. Shrimpy does not focus on cues. Instead, it permits strong accounts management through feathers like Stop Loss, Dollar Cost Averaging, and Rebalancing.

The basis of Shrimpy is social automation which permits interaction and opportunities to gather knowledge. A leader is selected, and the trading bot automatically models the patterns and procedures of the leader. If a user is not comfortable with one leader, they are allowed to borrow from as many as desired.

In Shrimpy, portfolios are followed up on where users see every asset they possess on their exchange account with an overview of balances. Each portfolio is individually treated and tracked to keep it orderly and in different places. A history space is also created for follow-up with strong, long-lasting formulated strategies.

Shrimpy offers live and historical data with over 16 exchange mediums, including Kucoin.

Kucoin Bot Trading Strategies

Kucoin trading bots assisted in purchasing cryptocurrencies at the approved time and expected price. This software increases profits, minimizes risks and drops losses. This happens through the implementation of various strategies, some of which are listed below;


Arbitrage ensures that an asset can run with two prices simultaneously. This mostly happens as a result of price breakdown. For example, if a coin is sold at the value of 4dollars in one market and the value of 4:4 dollars in another market, Arbitrage allows the trader to buy at the first price from one market and sell at the second in the other market. An extra 0.04 is made immediately.

Arbitrage is a strategy to make profits by buying on one exchange and selling on the other. The sale and purchase must also be made simultaneously to be effective. Pionex offers the best Arbitrage bot.

2.      SCALPING

Scalping is one of the fastest strategies used. It notices and takes advantage of Bid-ask Spreads that are either wider or narrower than they would originally have been. This is due to a slight and not long-lasting imbalance in availability and purchase.

Scalping focuses on little moves that happen most of the time with weighted transactions. Scalpers search out liquid markets mainly to heighten the intensity of trades. Scalping works better with not too pronounced markets that are not spontaneous.


Grid Trading is when trade is situated above and below the fixed amount, forming a grid of sales at both increasing and decreasing amounts. Grid trading takes advantage of fluctuating normal prices with orders placed above and below the pre-outlined approved price.

Grid utilizes trends and varying trading conditions. It buys and sells by going around a set price. To gain effectively from these trends, make purchase orders from time to time above price and sell orders below fixed prices. To gain in ranges, do the exact opposite.

The Grid can be easily automated, enabling a capitalization on sales if it moves in a maintained direction. The higher it goes, the stronger and bigger the stance, which eventually leads to more profit, the more the price goes in that direction. Traders must also know when to end the Grid and leave trades to get profit; otherwise, prices might return, and profits vanish. Traders can earn from both trends of ranges, and there is a limit to how high or low.

4.      DCA

Dollar Costing Averaging is buying a particular amount of shares in a given stock at a particular time. For example, 3 dollars of shares are bought regardless of the price per share. It helps to limit the risk of putting in a huge amount in a particular stock at once, which may be the wrong time.

DCA aims to lessen the impact of intensity on the price of an aimed asset. The price will most likely be different anytime a seasonal investment is made. In DCA, investments are made regularly, monthly or quarterly.

For example, in DCA, investments are not made at once. It is spread across months or weeks for better profits. A particular amount is invested every week or month until the whole capital has been put in. DCA is implemented by traders who want to lessen the effect of volatility on their trade and stop the risk of exposure.

DCS is used to invest slowly over a longtotime in order to curb risk or make up for a space that is on its way to becoming a loss. This is because purchasing extra on an investment that has almost ended in a loss lowers the average buying price. Rather than sell with a stop-loss, traders can purchase extra with DCA. This would reduce the total loss because the trader’s minimum purchase cost will decrease. DCA is a common strategy used by investors.

5.      SHORTING

Shorting can also be called short selling. This is where traders benefit from prize drops. Shorting is selling with the expectation of re-purchasing sometime in the future at a cheaper rate. When asset declines and traders do not want to experience a loss completely, they sell at that time, intending to buy it back.

In shorting, capital is safeguarded during a price decline. An asset sold at 1000 dollars and rebought at 800dollars is a classic shooting example. Shorting allows traders to short sell coins to curb an unexpected drop. With shorting, traders can monitor their coins to the base and only re-purchase when the coins reveal hints of improvement.  

How to Pick the Best Kucoin Bots

Picking the best Kucoin bot is highly relative and based on preference, understanding, and workability. The basic thing to look out for would be if it can be easily understood and gives the desired response. For clarity’s sake, a Kucoin bot should have a user-friendly interface that can be easily interpreted and accessed, with grids that clearly show when and how to make a command.

A Kucoin bot should also have enough trade exchange offers with effective built-in strategies. A Kucoin bot should have a successful track record and proven efficiency.

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